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12 best actions to take for Personal Reformation

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

"The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” - Warren Buffet

Personal development is an incredibly important concept, it lies somewhere in the area of where we are currently and all that we can be and the potential of all that we can be is far beyond the barriers of our thinking which can be limited by what we practice in our daily lives.

Personal Development calls upon us to look at our lives and see things that call for our attention. To fix the things that are in need of fixing. So that the better we are the better we provide for our community and this truly holds the key since we are social creatures and grow as a part of the community.

This article mainly focuses on answering questions related to growth over the period of next 12 months such so that we can navigate through the journey of survival and yet develop

· How do I develop myself personally within the confines of my day to day life?

· Which areas of my life are doing really great?

· Which areas of my life are in shambles?

· What could I fix to make my life more efficient?

Personally, I think we are all students in the game of life and growth should take a pause in our life. There is always more you can learn, do and become.

Allow me to present you with 12 commitments that can help you connect with yourself in a more authentic way and enrich your life:

1) Get in touch with your uniqueness.

The most important relationship that you have is yourself, learn to develop an inner dialogue, get in touch with the essence of your being.

You are the only you there is and have an important role that only you can play in this world. We as humans have an extremely complex psyche wrapped in sheaths of uniqueness and we must fully revel in that quality that sets us apart.

When we get in touch with our true self we stop compromising on our standards and we begin to fulfill our purpose in this realm. We begin to move, exist and show up with integrity and create a space for others around us to show up authentically.

2) Identify what your heart yearns for.

On your personal development journey, one of the tips to keep in mind is that you must follow your passion. Also look at things that you can do best with the least amount of effort that is where your gift rests.

When your entire being calls for something to be done, do it! Write that book, make that cooking tutorial, write that quirky ad and connect with your industry. When you come to a place where you understand your passion try to find a way to make it more accessible to you.

Develop the skills you need to be effective and efficient and optimise the process for doing the work and get paid for it. You can today easily find a mentor online, attend a seminar and take a course for almost no money on any topic you would like.

3) Practice Visualization.

When you get an underlying idea of who you are and what you passions are, in order to attract what you wish to become, visualization is an incredibly effective tool.

Goals give us a heading, when enforced properly the plan gives us a proper structure. Visualization goes a step further than just writing down plans. By visualizing your goals, you create a mental picture

They simulate how they are to be achieved, how quickly you can reach it. You can look for the details of the task and other variables related to it .Giving certainty to these variables is the essence of visualization.

4) Focus on the mindset.

Almost 70% of the energy directed towards creating success goes into getting into the right mindset.

Only when we feel like a winner and your inner dialogue is that of a driven person can you truly have that effect on your everyday life. When you are in the proper mindset for the task you can face the problems head on and find solutions for it.

You need to focus, re-calibrate and visualize the process of achieving your task. This development process helps you become more clear and prepares you to jump. towards the opportunities as and when they arise.

5) Don't be afraid to say "no".

Never be afraid to say no when you are uncomfortable. When someone suggests things that don't meet your standards or personal goals. You have to understand that you time and energy are a precious resource and cannot be given freely to every single event that asks for your attentions

Make sure to keep in touch with your boundaries and say no. Don't be intimidated or manipulated into saying "yes" when you want to say "no". This is because most of the time you will end up on the losing side and managing your time well is your responsibility. Planning your time well and doing exactly what you had in mind and honoring you needs and time as a resource.

6) Attributes of High achiever.

You wish to become high performing? Do you wish to be successful?

The easiest way to achieve a certain level of success in a given field is to have a mentor, trainer or a role model that has attributes of high achievers which you can look up to mimic how the function throughout the day.

Learning is your greatest gift and being open to adapting to situations can help you achieve more in a short period of time. You don't need to begin from scratch especially when you have a vast amount of information available freely today. We must look at our best qualities and double down on them and then pick up as much as we can through learning through mentors. To take on responsibilities be held accountable for it.

7) Take responsibility.

The one thing that gives life meaning is taking on responsibility. The more you pick and carry the burden of a responsibility and see it through the end the more meaningful your life will be. Life is difficult and most of the time we suffer. Taking on meaningful pledges makes the suffering that we face in life worthwhile.

Try to develop a conversational theme with yourself to get to parts within you that are yet unexplored and unattended perhaps to the extent where some of what you are capable of being or achieving lies dormant within you. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Work on them. Better yourself so that you and everyone around you can reap the benefits of that.

8) Surround yourself with those who encourage you.

Your circle is very important. your immediate circle is the most important deciding factor in your success

You should surround yourself with those whose actions drive you to become a better version of yourself, not those who drive you into vices . This is especially important as we head into the new year. Get to know the people in your circle, focus on growing your relationship with people of value, and water your relationship with them. Try to emulate the best of their qualities and incubate their best behaviors into your daily lives.

9) Invest in yourself:

You are the most important person in your life, your relationship with yourself is what shapes every single responsibility you take on and all the other relationships that you have.

It is essential that you nurture your relationship with yourself by being open to learning. Read books that bring you a new perspective. No man is an island. There are a lot of problems that you have which have already been faced and solve by others.

Explore the vastness of your life by learning a new skill such as cooking or playing a musical instrument, Learn a new language and travel and explore a new culture don’t limit yourself to where you were born and how you were raised. Enrich your life by seeking out adventure.

You can nurture your relationship with yourself by meditating and being mindful of the inputs in your daily life. For instance, the shows you watch, the news you pay attention to, the food you eat: make sure the food that you eat loves you back. Have a sleep cycle that is attuned to your natural rhythm.

10) Prime time theory.

Prime time basically refers to the time period throughout the day when you are at your best energy and concentration levels. This is when you are at your most productive. For me this is when the clock turns to noon.

I'm more productive during this time period because I have taken care of most responsibilities and the chores of the day and can have a unidimensional focus towards the task at hand.

Therefore, it is very important that you pay attention to your most productive time of the day and put more energy into completing the most valuable task at that time.

11) Time as a valuable resource

Your time-management skill is highly important. Life is made up of time and we have this limited resource. Knowing how to allocate it effectively plays a massive role in how successful we are.

Observe when you are the most productive and what task takes priority throughout the day, Also what task or relationships needs attention and the ones that give you back in a way that it enriches your life.

Be a good time-manager and know exactly what you intend doing, and how you intend doing them. It is very important to know how well to manage your time.

12) Learn To take constructive feedback

Feedback is critical to your growth. Learning about what you're doing that can be more aligned and how you are mismanaging the task at hand is invaluable especially when it comes to productivity.

So, when people criticize you, do not take it as an opportunity for backlash. Rather, be courageous enough to take in the criticism and look at what holds true and let it. Be corrected.

Being intentional about your personal development entails that you should take into cognizance these personal development tips. Remember, where your attention flows, those areas of your life grow.

I am very positive that these personal development tips will help you a lot especially as we approach a new year.

We at CHANGE CATALYST love getting your feedback, please like, share and subscribe and feel free to leave a comment below and let me know if these articles help you.

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