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Step-by-step guide to creating a 5 year plan

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." –C.S. Lewis

We as humans have this amazing ability to create order from high level abstract thoughts. To look into the future and trace back our steps and plan our mannerism to survive whatever life throws at us and persists.

Why You Need A Five Year Plan:

Our life cannot be all potential and our growth as a person is one of the key factors that decides the happiness quotient of our overall life and one fail proof way to direct our growth effectively we need to have a clear vision of what we want from our lives.

The mission of our life is to attain our vision, Since life progresses and spans over decades it becomes a lot easier to have smaller milestones which serve as benchmarks; also make the overall goals less daunting and more attainable.

For example: You wish to travel the world, now this is quite abstract,

We can have a mission for traveling 20 countries in the next 5 years,

And to break it down further it would be to travel 4 countries every year for the next 5 years.

We are habitual beings that need routines to survive and don’t really like our comfort being threatened. You must intentionally plan, decide, commit, and take action to get the life you want. Deliberate actions need to be taken otherwise your life will end up as a tragic mess.

How To Create A Five Year Plan:


The first step of sitting down and determining what is important to you. If you wish to achieve something over a period of time it needs to be met with passion, clarity and motivation that persists through hard work and doesn’t let you get distracted by Cheap behaviors.

You need to understand what the journey entails down to every aspect of the desired result such that it becomes attainable. and ask yourself some difficult questions like Where will you be employed? What city will you be residing in? Will you be a stay-at-home mom, a business magnate, or a globetrotter?

Conduct a brainstorming session and jot down all of your ideas without missing a beat. Don't overthink it or pass judgment; just get it all down on paper.


It is natural that as we progress and are getting our life together that at a certain point in our journey we are flooded with negative, self-doubting emotional states. This can stem from a fear and unconscious habits we pick up over the course of our lives.

We can't control our circumstances because they happen naturally, but we can control how we react to them and what we decide if we can make something meaningful from the metaphorical ‘lemons’ of our lives.


It's incredibly important to regulate our feelings and stay with this discomfort and try to create order out of the chaos of our emotions. To understand truly that this discomfort is an inherent part of the process of change.


Once you've determined your goal, it's time to plan your strategy.

In order to set goals, we must first address your thinking and limiting beliefs, then create an appropriate frame of mind to get the desired result.

We can achieve this by enacting as your future self by thinking, feeling and making decisions as your higher self in the present. Journaling and visualization is an incredible practice that can help you connect with your higher self.

While you're Practicing enactment, consider the following Questions:

· What does my future self-think about?

· What does my future self-feel on a regular basis?

· Where does my focus lie? How do I take care of myself spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially?

It's fascinating to consider how our decisions would differ and what outcomes each decision would most likely produce and begin aligning our actions today to the highest good for ourselves in the future

At Change Catalyst, I as a mindset coach can walk you through my largely tested methods for accomplishing this within Goal Getter.


We as humans work well and most effectively when we create supporting habits to achieve our goals.

Once we have aligned with our future self and asked the hard questions we create an action plan through setting time aside each day to get there. in digital era and information age our routines allow us to function with ease

Assume, for example, that the area in which I am lacking is finances, and that I am awful at saving money. So I can make it a habit to donate a set amount to a savings account every month.

When you begin, initially start small and the slowly increase the time and energy you devote so that you don’t overburden yourself,

You’ll know you’re doing it right when the habits you create support you.

STEP 5: Break vision into smaller GOALS

This is a more tactical phase where you create a roadmap for achieving your destination by Setting a one-year goal for any area of your life that you wish to work on during the following year derived directly from your 5 year plan.

Assume that your five-year goal is to establish a profitable online business. Then you'd set a one-year objective, such as making enough money from your business to quit your day job.

You must prioritize so that you do not have competing objectives.


“The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived.” – Robert Jordan.

Life doesn’t get more forgiving, we become more resilient through practice and careful planning. We on our journey to change will have setbacks and will be tested by our environment often. In order to persevere one must work on developing mental toughness.

One failproof way to develop mental toughness is to practice a new task every day to get closer to your goals.


Once you've developed an effective plan, it's time to put it into action!

Nothing worth pursuing in life is ever going to be easy. Nothing worth pursuing in life is ever going to be simple. The journey to change and up levelling will be met with complications more often than not.

Radical changes require radical action. To put your trust in the process and have a unidimensional approach when it comes to your goal is the only true way to achieve your goals in a time and age where cheap distractions are available at the palm of your hand.


One of the biggest tragedies in life is when when we betray our own-selves. And don't follow through with our own commitments toward the self.

The world around us is unpredictable and chaotic, most of us wish to leave an impact upon the world or at least live life on our terms.

The only true way to do that seems to be having a vision and a framework in life, such that we can sail through life better than most around us.

At Change Catalyst I, Pritha Saha Dutta can help you design your five year plan and can walk you through the entire process. Life isn’t easy but remember you don’t have to go through it alone.

I can assist you as a trained life coach and help you unlock your potential through designed techniques and systems. please do reach out on (email)

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