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Unleashing Your Inner Confidence: Top 10 TED Talks

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Are you ready to radiate confidence and conquer any challenge that comes your way? It's time to tap into your inner strength and unleash the unstoppable force within you. As a mindset coach, I'm here to guide you on your journey to unshakeable confidence.

Know Your Worth:

Recognize and celebrate your unique talents, skills, and accomplishments. Embrace your strengths and understand that you bring value to any situation. Remember, you are capable and deserving of success.

Embrace Self-Acceptance:

Embrace your true self, flaws and all. Embrace your imperfections as they make you unique and human. Embrace self-acceptance, and you'll find that confidence naturally follows.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Growth and confidence go hand in hand. Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone regularly. Embrace new opportunities, take on exciting challenges, and watch your confidence soar as you discover what you're truly capable of.

Harness Positive Self-Talk:

Your inner voice plays a crucial role in shaping your confidence. Replace self-doubt with positive affirmations and empowering self-talk. Remind yourself of your strengths, focus on your achievements, and silence the inner critic.

Continual Learning and Growth:

Invest in your personal and professional development. Expand your knowledge, acquire new skills, and stay up-to-date with industry trends. The more you learn and grow, the more confident you become in your abilities.

Surround Yourself with Positivity:

Surround yourself with a supportive network of individuals who uplift and inspire you. Seek out mentors, coaches, and friends who believe in you and your potential. Their positive energy will fuel your own confidence.

Embrace Resilience:

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges. Embrace the belief that every obstacle is an opportunity for growth. Learn from failures, adapt to change, and let resilience fortify your confidence.

Embody Confidence:

Project confidence through your body language, speech, and actions. Stand tall, maintain eye contact, and speak with conviction. By embodying confidence, you not only inspire others but also reinforce your own self-assurance.

Remember, confidence is not a destination; it's a lifelong journey. Embrace the process, be patient with yourself, and celebrate each milestone along the way. You have the power to shine with unwavering confidence and achieve remarkable things.

So, step into your power, unleash your confidence, and let your light shine. Share this post with someone who needs an extra boost of confidence, and let's create a community of empowered individuals who inspire and support one another.

10 Inspirational TED Talks About Building Confidence

These 10 timeless and unique TED talks will help inspire you to build the confidence to tackle your own Everest and follow your own passions. The old saying ‘fake it until you make it’ holds true to this day. Even the most confident of us need a boost every now and then. Everyone has something they feel unconfident doing. We also have good days and bad.

1. How I beat stage fright – Joe Kowan

In this 8-minute talk, Joe Kowan shares the creative way he managed to overcome his stage fright.

“I had all these stories and ideas, and I wanted to share them with people, but physiologically, I couldn’t do it. I had this irrational fear…But I took a deep breath, and I signed up to play, and I felt pretty good.”

2. How to build your creative confidence – David Kelley

If you don’t feel very creative watch this 11-minute talk. David uses stories from his own life to break down the divide between ‘creative’ and ‘practical’ people. We all have a creative inside of us.

“…’self-efficacy,’ the sense that you can change the world and that you can attain what you set out to do.”

3. Your elusive creative genius – Elizabeth Gilbert

I love this 19-minute talk by Elizabeth Gilbert from her book ‘Big Magic‘. This book is so inspiring. It will definitely help inspire you to overcome your fears to chase your passions. If you don’t have time for the whole book this is a great creativity pep-talk to start with.

“Don’t be daunted. Just do your job. Continue to show up for your piece of it, whatever that might be. If your job is to dance, do your dance.”

4. The day I stood up alone – Boniface Mwangi

Wow. This is an amazing 7-minute talk. Boniface shares his inspiring story about overcoming trauma, abuse, and corruption. Despite growing up as an unconfrontational child, Boniface teaches us that some things are too important to not stand up and fight for them.

“… the moment I discovered my voice, that I could actually stand up for what I really believed in, I’m no longer afraid.”

5. How to speak up for yourself – Adam Galinsky

Adam is a social psychologist. In this 15-minute talk, he will help you enhance your personal power, better assert yourself and navigate social situations.

“When we tap into our passion, we give ourselves the courage, in our own eyes, to speak up, but we also get the permission from others to speak up.”

6. How to live passionately; no matter your age – Isabel Allende

At 71 Isabel has no plans to stop living passionately yet. No matter your age you will learn something from this 8-minute talk.

“It’s great to let go. I should have started sooner. And I also feel softer because I’m not scared of being vulnerable. I don’t see it as a weakness anymore.”

7. My journey to yo-yo mastery – Black

Black is a yo-yo master. He knew he had to follow his passion despite knowing it was an unappreciated craft. Black shares his unique passion in this 10-minute talk & show.

“I realized society didn’t value my passion. So I went back to my college and became a typical Japanese worker as a systems engineer. I felt my passion, heart, and soul, had left my body. I felt I was not alive anymore.”

8. Your body language may shape who you are – Amy Cuddy

In this 20-minute talk, Amy explains how changing our posture can enhance our confidence, even when we don’t feel like it.

“Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes.”

9. The game that can give you 10 extra years of life – Jane McGonigal

In this inspiring 19-minute talk Jane, a game developer, aims to add 7 and a half minutes to your life. Jane talks about how we can use games in our daily life to achieve our goals, better our lives, make us happier and extend our lives.

“There are four kinds of strength, or resilience, that contribute to post-traumatic growth, and there are scientifically validated activities that you can do every day to build up these four kinds of resilience, and you don’t need a trauma to do it.”

10. A pro wrestler’s guide to confidence – Mike Kinney

In this 13-minute talk, Mike shares stories from his life to explain to us how finding what makes you unique and playing that up will help you become a more confident person.

“You never know what you have the ability to do until you dig.”

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