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Pritha Saha is proudly affiliated with these organisations as their Wellness Vendor.

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Shruti M

I came across Pritha through a 7days psychology workshop. She was one of the many therapists, but she was the only one who emitted such strong positive vibes. I knew I wouldn't be judged, but understood. That's how I connected to her for my personal councelling years later, and I couldn't be more grateful. A session with her always leaves me with a revelation of myself. It's the most enlightening experience. Thank you!

Gyanika N

Pritha is an adept therapist. She provides ample space and time to let you carve out how you want the session to be but at the same time cleverly guiding and ensuring the discussions are productive for the client. What I love about her is that she is constantly learning and updating herself which brings in a new dimension and learning for me as a client too. There is so much that I am given to take back with me even after my sessions which supports my ability to work on my self continuously. Pritha is able to create a dynamic environment for growth, always stressing on learning, compassion, self love and forgiveness.

Bianca C

I first reached out to Pritha at a time when I felt like my emotions were spiralling out of control and my anxiety attacks were becoming more frequent. I hoped that over time she would be able to help me piece things back together. What I did not expect was to feel like I had made a new friend. Right from the first conversation, she put me at ease. Pritha is someone who makes every effort to create a safe space for her clients. She invests so much of herself in your journey that your losses and your victories feel like they are as much hers as they are yours.
Within the 2 months that I have worked with Pritha, I have felt a significant shift in my perspective as well as my approach towards how I process and deal with things. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for help or even just a little nudge in the right direction.

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