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9 benefits of a Non- Attachment approach to life.

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Do you stress out over things you can’t control? Do you often feel tied down or burdened by an internal dialogue of stress, fear, guilt, and obligation - even when you know there’s not much you can control? If so, practicing non-attachment might help you.

Origins of the word ‘non-attachment’ traces back to ancient Eastern thought where many practitioners used this path to achieve enlightenment in their respective spiritual quest. In the words of Buddha “the root of all suffering is attachment.” When our thoughts and emotion are owned and weighed down by the multitude of events happening around us there is little space left within our lives to actually enjoy it.

Goal of practicing non- attachment

Ideation of non- attachment would simply mean to live in this world fully, without being attached to people, outcomes or beliefs that create suffering. To not be defined by the things we own and give space for things to unfold naturally like water flowing through the river of life.

When we speak of the material world and the notions of society we add layers upon layers on your sense of being which may irritate our true nature. Being attached to everything will leave us drained and stuck.

Imagine all the time we wish for things to remain as they are, when the only truth in life is change or the excess of energy we spend over focusing on future outcomes that we seldom control, can be channeled towards creating a peaceful mind. Defining your worth based on your job, relationships, rigid beliefs and things we own CAN be problematic since when a person becomes attached to something, it's often not about the subject but their sense of self or ego; in relation to it. In times of great uncertainty and loss, if there is a threat to the subject it can cause us to spiral and create a great sense of instability within our own constitution.

The goal is to return back to your higher-self by loosening the grip of the mind on internal and external influences.

Here are 9 benefits of practicing Non- Attachment:

  1. You will feel more curious and develop a sense of expansiveness in your being as you become more interested in your emotions and be less ruled by them.

  2. You will find that simple joys of life will fill your soul and have less need for the material gratification. Your cravings and desires will become more objective.

  3. You will make friends with your emotions and will make space for them.

  4. You will be filled with fewer fears, anxiety and insecurities as you begin to let go of the outcome and focus on the process.

  5. As you become a silent observer of your thoughts as you witness them come and go, instead of struggling to identify with them at every instance. Thus, gaining clarity and building resilience in the process of doing so.

  6. Practicing non-attachment will allow you to experience your relationships more deeply as you begin to release rigid beliefs and expectations and introduce yourself to every situation with more clarity and love. When you release judgment you allow people to show up as they are in their true authentic self.

  7. You will feel more connected and grounded to everything in your environment. Since you are not lost in thought-based attachments you will begin to experience that sync in your increased multifold.

  8. You’ll feel gratitude, love, compassion, and happiness permeate your life as you have let go of the need to chase happiness or influence factors beyond your control.

  9. Non-attachment empowers you to see that you’re more than your accomplishments or material goods and come to terms with a fact that you are a spirit in a human body.

  10. Non-attachment also can aid you become more successful at what you do. When you practice non-attachment, you can better roll with the punches of life, connect with your purpose and meaning, and evolve by taking in constructive feedback.


Life is hard, It comes with tragedy and trauma and darkness wrapped in moments of uncertainty. When we accept that a lot of things that are happening around us need not shape us, we become Psychologically Flexible.

I, Pritha Saha at Change Catalyst can help you gain this mental and emotional flexibility where you can observe thoughts, beliefs, events and process them such that you come out on top. Feedback of a trained specialist like me can help you separate yourself from your thoughts and act as an observer and connect with the world around you more authentically.

If you struggle with letting go of unhealthy attachments or fixations, and are seeking a life coach who is also a licensed therapist please do reach out at

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