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Open the gates to HAPPINESS with these 35 simple tips!

In this beautiful age of digitisation we are constantly bombarded with tons of information,

From news to social post, we have access to everything in the world, we are in constant pursuit to be better than our peers. But what happens when the list of our peers and our outreach is infinite? “ unto the next thing shore we sail upon the sea…” approach In life becomes a recipe for disaster more than anything.

Constant obsession to have it all, and not realising that our life is fleeting us by is the reality for most of us. Only a few stop and try to find moments of happiness by finding joy in the ordinary. The small bundles of joy of holding the hand of one we love, of sharing moments of laughter with our friends, and the sun smiling through the clouds before it sets in our life, is what fills our ordinary lives with beauty and contentment.

For those that want to stop and smell the roses, here are 35 ways to enjoy life more:

1. Enjoy life more by celebrating the small wins.

A lot of small accomplishments are usually overlooked and downplayed but in fact these little acts are what life is truly made up of and keeps us going in the long run.

Made it out of bed today? Cleared your errand list for the week? Been through a difficult situation? Give yourself a pat! All of these things are perfectly valid reasons to enjoy life and yourself. It's ok to just be at times.

2. Choose to live your life with a smile

Living with a smile on your face simply means that your joy in life is not contingent on your outward circumstances.

If you're not used to it, you might find it weird to smile on a bad day, but there are many people who have learnt this art of gratitude and finding the silver lining. It reduces the wrinkles and grey hair, just saying!

3. Don’t befriend your negative thoughts.

You can't really enjoy life. when you are in a constant battle inside your head.

Your mind is the place where you live the longest and make sure it’s a clean place to live in. You are in charge, start with the cobwebs.

4. HOPE is a good thing.

Hope is the light shining bright, searing through the darkness of life. It drives us to carry on. Understanding how greatly it can help us and enables us to enjoy life even when things are not going in our favour.

5. Give without the expectation of getting anything in return.

Helping the underprivileged or those in need is one of the easiest and quickest ways to truly rethink your life and understand how grateful we all can be.

Also coming face to face with the fragility of life can help us appreciate the little things in life and open our heart to newer experience

6. Don’t stress over the little things

Most of what we worry about never really takes place in real life, yet obsessing over them makes us suffer. Our body cannot distinguish between thoughts and the actual occurrence so we suffer in vain regardless. Not fretting over the little things really reduces the stress we put on ourselves. "To worry is to suffer twice."

7. Make a bucket list.

Quite a few studies have shown that making a bucket list has an overall positive effect on our mental health, things we wish to do, places that we wish to see and then carrying on and completing as many things as possible will definitely make life more fulfilling.

8. Chase your dreams and have fun with them.

Chasing after your dreams are a perfect way to enjoy life a lot more. Have you always dreamed of having a bike ? Living as a digital nomad?

While some dreams are easier to achieve than others, what matters most is your willingness to work towards those dreams while enjoying life and we at CHANGE CATALYST can help you with that.

9. See your fears as a challenge.

Fear is just a voice in our head trying to keep us safe, try to present us with a scenario that won’t introduce us to discomfort but it can also prevent us from feeling happy, safe and confident.

Fear is instinctive to being a human, and won’t go away, but to allow it from finding new experiences that would allow us to grow is a recipe for staleness in life.

10. Learn to see fear as a brooding friend who just wants your attention

We all have our fears, and some of us have full blown anxiety disorders, but if you want to enjoy life more, you need to stop treating fear like a curse. It is not! Anxiety is uncomfortable and sometimes downright scary, but that's all it wants: your attention. By giving it to them, by fully noticing those anxious thoughts and feelings when they occur, you can actually manage your anxiety well. Therapy can help you learn how to do this, so take that step!

11. Enjoy life more by practicing Positive Self-talk

The way you talk to yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. Allow yourself to be free of negativity and let your mind speak beautiful and positive things. Your mind is your home. Allow it to be kind to you! Talk to yourself how you would talk to your dearest loved one. Especially when you're low, think of how would you talk to your crush if they were having a tough time. That's the secret!

12. Start loving your body just the way it is... And don't be afraid to explore your body and what you love!

Your body is incredible and every inch of it shows up for you every day, healing and helping you. Falling in love with your body, for all that it does for you is one of the most powerful ways to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

13. Accept reality as is.

Radical acceptance of how things really are will reduce the focus on the outcomes of life. It will help you refocus and get a clear handle on the things that are truly important to live a holistic life.

Problems in life will never go away, things in general are always difficult and life is hard most of the time. Don’t wait for things to get better someday. Accept the circumstances for what they are and bring love into the picture. As a life coach I can help you with radical acceptance and bringing out the best in you at CHANGE CATALYST

14. Always make time for yourself

Self-care is absolutely crucial for our well-being and it helps us connect with our body more. when things are going well Believe it or not, you can learn to enjoy life even when it's full of problems.

To do this, you need to know how to properly relax, take your time, and create a system of routines you do to practice the best self-care possible

15. Enjoy and appreciate the success and beauty of other people.

We look for ourselves in others, allowing yourself to be happy for others has a recreational effect in your own life, Their accomplishments and success takes nothing from you and your life and celebrating it allows you to develop close bonds within your community.

16. Admiration over jealousy.

Jealousy comes from a place of scarcity mindset and more often than not acts like a poison in relationships, being free of it is nearly impossible but it can be managed through practicing admiration for others and their deeds.

17. See beauty everywhere

To enjoy life more, practice seeing all the beauty and good things including yourself. We're so focused on all the negativity around us, on the news, on the web. The human mind has a negative bias to help keep us safe from the dangers of this world which are plentiful. To reason with negativity is pointless, sprinkle it with the good you see around you. Fill your eyes, heart and soul with beauty and soon you will find yourself enjoying life more and more every day.

18. If you are different, be proud of it.

You bring something to this world no one else does, your appetite to do good, your talents, your inclinations, or simply your capacity to love. Whatever it is, the world and people around you are better for it.

19. Let go of everything. Burdens of the past weigh you down.

Are you still beating yourself up for past mistakes? Great or not, it's hard to enjoy life when you're left with past mistakes playing on loop. If you stay in the past for too long it becomes a prison sentence.

Allow our team at CHANGE CATALYST to help you learn from the echoes of the past and let the hurt away.

20. Money as a measure of happiness is a false god.

Money is an amazing tool, but it can become a master too soon and fairly easily. Money does solve a lot of problems in our world but it can go only so far. the things that make us unique and human have nothing to do with money

True friends cannot be awarded a prize. You cannot buy love and loyalty. Learn to enjoy life despite money. It's not an easy task for most of us, but it's something that can bring you the biggest shift in the way you think.

21. Don't live with a problem.

Do whatever you can to solve it. If there is a problem that makes you doubt whether you are enjoying life, the longer you hold on to that problem, the longer you will feel unhappy. Don't let it be your burden any longer - do whatever you can to solve or improve this problem. Godspeed! It's OK to ask for help. It means you're smart and brave to take a step in the right direction.

22. Giving up is fatal to happiness.

Have the courage to fail through life In order to live life to the fullest, you must accept the fact that you will make mistakes but here's the catch: the more times you fail, the more you learn, and failure isn't a reason to give up; it's a reason to recalibrate your actions and try again.

23. Be thankful for every little thing.

Ah, those beautiful mornings, That cup of coffee when the rains pour down on us. Hours spent laughing with the people you love. There are so many things to be thankful for if you open your heart and soul to life

24. My personal favourite, open the curtains.

Fill your home with flowers and sunshine. Enjoy your surroundings, enjoy life too. And if there's something in your immediate environment that calls for attention heed to that and fix that and your life will be better for it.

25. It's ok to enjoy dessert!

Diet, healthy eating: Everything is great, but food is one of the best parts of our lives. Eating dessert every once in a while won't sabotage your health goals, but it may help you enjoy life more. So don't worry about those extra 400 calories on Saturday night. Mindful eating VS binge eating (which is associated with shame) is the key!

26. Make peace with yourself.

We all carry things that are emotionally heavy and mentally tiring. Most of us are constantly unsatisfied with ourselves and this internal conflict can be one of the main reasons why you find it so difficult to enjoy life as it is. Tend to your past with compassion which takes practice, but there are so many things you can do to make peace with yourself and develop more helpful thought patterns.

27. Forgive those that have wronged you.

Forgiveness is a pill for self not others, many at times we are hurt or wronged by people that mean something to us, it is also possible that we may not feel sorry for the act; This hurt is a burden we carry it belongs to us and us our responsibility to keep it heavy down. I concur it's not an easy step, but in the quest for a better life, this step is essential.

28. In the name of service.

Giving back is absolutely the easiest way to increase the happiness quotient of one's life! Plus, it's really satisfying to see a small but thoughtful gift or an honest act of service can make someone's face light up.

29. Honour the body's need for rest.

It's impossible to enjoy life when you're completely exhausted, either physically or mentally. You cannot tire through life. Rest is an essential component of how well we function. To avoid it is to invite disaster. Most healing and corrections in body happens through rest.


30. A framework to joy

Your personal ritual can help you enjoy life more every day. Let's admit that a change in mentality does not happen overnight. You have to work on it. Your ritual can be as simple as walking for 30 minutes in the day or sitting in the sun for 10 minutes in the morning.

You really don't need much for that. Just an activity that you love which loves you back.

31. Treat yo'self!

Money cannot buy things that are truly important to one’s soul but it truly is a powerful tool and can solve many problems, also it can purchase experiences that can add great value to our happiness. Ever seen someone sad on a jet ski? My point being that exactly! Don’t deprive yourself too much, Even simple pleasure and inexpensive purchases can lead to a great amount of joy.

32. Be kind

Life is hard, not just for you but everyone around you. Whenever possible we should always aim to be kinder than required. Kindness creates a safe environment for everybody to exist in their true authentic self and who could disagree with a little more room to breathe?

33. Make yourself a priority, STAT.

No one can pour from an empty cup. You making yourself a priority is not important, it's vital. Tend to yourself and well so that you can’t look after those that look towards you for assistance.

34. Seek out new experiences.

The joy of discovery and seeking out adventures is one of the pleasant actions we can partake in. To know and pursue all that there is can make our life experience more fulfilling. It brings us out of the rut and additionally has a positive effect on those that are dealing with depression.

34. Stop limiting yourself with Irrational Beliefs

In the very little time that we get in this life we are limited by a lot of external environmental factors, to place more upon our fragile mind would be an absolute misfortune. To completely revel in lifestyles, you need to pay less heed to your thoughts, not everything you think is accurate nor will every fear come true in life. Remember, your brain doesn't come with spyware!

35. Stop trying to be perfect.

Everything that is beautiful, especially the human experience is imperfect.

It is crucial that we aim for functional, efficient, harmonious and peaceful outcomes

that allows us to perform and carry on. You are complete and wholesome without the validation tag that screams 'you are perfect!'.


Everyone craves happiness and peace in their lives, to extend the joyful moments a little while longer but it’s not always easy to find. Life can be challenging, and recognizing that in constant pursuit of things our life is passing us by, To find happiness in the now and stopping to smell the roses along the way is absolutely necessary to live a life that fills your heart as well.

If you want to enjoy life more and experience true happiness, and are interested in investing in a certified Life Coach Our team at CHANGE CATALYST can assist you in this regard, please go ahead and contact me at

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